What can you expect when you visit us?

The safety and security of our guests, is also our highest priority, at this point in time. In addition to our usual procedures and routines, to create security for our guests, and for our employees, we have specifically launched the following special initiatives:


The hotel's preventive measures:

• We follow all recommendations and guidelines from the Danish authorities

• All employees have received detailed information about COVID-19 and instructions based on the authorities' recommendations. Specifically, we have introduced procedures for thorough hand hygiene for our employees based on the recommendations of the authorities.

• Standers and bottles with hand alcohol are freely available to guests and staff in all common areas and facilities at our hotels.

• In addition to our regular daily cleaning, we provide continuous disinfection of exposed surfaces, such as door handles, counters, payment terminals and elevator buttons with antibacterial liquid.

• We have clear procedures for dealing with colleagues who may show signs of illness - they obviously do not show up for work.

• Should we experience a case of Coronavirus among our guests or employees at one of our hotels, we will of course immediately contact the health authorities and launch a coordinated action plan based on their recommendations and guidelines.

Covid-19 questions?

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Food from the city

delivered directly to your room

If you want to order food, we are helpful in referring to large selections of online deliverers.
Contact the reception, and we will be happy to help with recommendations.